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    About Himalaya Capital Exchange - A Security Token Issuance Platform
    Himalaya Capital Exchange is a project aimed at creating a tokenised platform for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) on a global, borderless, stock exchange. The Platform As a Service eco-system would offer an alternative to investment banks that are currently mandated to lead manage IPOs, and give corporates and other entities raising public capital a less costly, and more democratic option with instant access to global investors. The platform would run on smart contract algorithms and at a later point make use of Machine Learning and AI in matching in creating a marketplace.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What does your company do?
  • Create jobs, innovation and wealth by transparently connecting entrepreneurs seeking capital with investors in every country.

  • What problem are you solving?
  • The Himalaya Capital Exchange platform enables people seeking capital to create trusting investment relationships with investors from around the world.
  • Previous finance systems separated the innovators from the investors and charged high fees for non-transparent processes which restricted many people and countries from access to capital.

  • How are you changing the world?
  • From the smallest micro entrepreneur to the largest organisation, people can seek capital from investors around the world using a transparent, open and cost effective system.
  • Enable innovators seeking capital to freely take part in multiple capital markets transactions with low to zero entry barriers, regardless of their knowledge of crypto or capital markets
  • Innovators can grow their business and provide new services and jobs.
  • Creating an open access platform for issuing digital assets and managing all parts of the fund raising process including book building, issuing securities and investor communications and investor servicing , dividend distribution and voting management using smart contracts. Auctions of government assets, syndicated loans and government bonds also to be included.
  • Remove barriers to raising capital. Create a transparent and open process to solve the problem of inefficiencies and high transaction costs of existing intermediaries.
  • Solve the problem of dealing with the complex laws, relationships, regulations, information asymmetry of the current system with a new tech empowered ecosystem.

  • What is the major social impact?
  • Provide entrepreneurs in every country a mechanism and community to drive social change and technological innovation by freely accessing global financial markets.
  • Provide people in all countries the chance to grow their enterprise to create jobs and wealth.
  • Remove barriers to wealth creation which exist in some current financial systems.

  • Why use blockchain?
  • Previous financing methods required trusted central authorities such as a stock exchange, government regulators and approved advisors. Blockchain technologies can provide frictionless, easier and quicker access to capital without paying fees to central authorities and gatekeepers which restricts access.
  • With Himalaya Capital Exchange the trust is decentralized to the community. This decentralized trust concept and radical new transparency opens up the world of finance to many more people. The costs of raising money by listing shares will be driven down.

  • Disrupt or collaborate?
  • Himalaya Capital Exchange will disrupt processes that isolated people and communities from access to capital. Later, we will also build a marketplace which will collaborate with investors, advisors, innovators, and developers building third party applications for the asset management and private equity industries seeking to broaden access to capital.

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