Agenda of the Himalaya Blockchain   Cryptocurrencies Summit
Day 1: 25 May 2018
Blockchain applications for the world
Day 2: 26 May 2018
Cryptocurrencies & ICO Workshops


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May 25 2018
Blockchain applications for the world

"The Potential of smart contracts to redefine Legal, Banking and Capital Markets industries"
-Nick Szabo

"The New IPO for the 20th Century - Entrepreneurs around the world can do an IPO using a crypto platform and raise money in seconds from global investors, issuing legal shares, with no investment banks and no IPO fees"
-Arifa khan
09:00 am Chair’s introduction
09:15 am Keynote by Arifa Khan
"Technology Developments in Blockchain - An Analysis of scalability protocols for next gen Financial Services Infrastructure."
-Arifa Khan

Will blockchains ever be able to match the performance of centralised incumbents like NASDAQ and VISA, where are we with respect to the performance gaps?
09:40 am Keynote by John Puttick
"Capital Markets - the last bastion of big institutions to give way to blockchain "
- by John Puttick , ex chairman GBST, adviser to Himalaya Capital Exchange
10:00 am Keynote by Sudin Baraokar
Applying blockchain technologies for innovation in banking and financial services
Reducing Risk and Fraud in Financial Services - can smart contracts save you from scams?
- Sudin Baraokar, CIO, State Bank of India
10:20 am Building a decentralised internet ecosystem - Muneeb Ali, Blockstack
10:40 am Blockchain in real economy across manufacturing and service industries - Rahul Bhasin, Baring Private Equity Partners
11:00 am Morning Networking Break
11:15 am Interaction with NSE
Enterprise applications – mainstream use by global corporations
- Vikram Limaye, CEO ,National Stock Exchange & Sankarson Banerjee, CTO
11:45 am Panel Discussion on regulatory and legal aspects of cryptocurrencies
Applying blockchain technologies for innovation in banking and financial services
Reducing Risk and Fraud in Financial Services - can smart contracts save you from scams?

  • What is the impact of regulation on cryptocurrencies? How does recent news from RBI and Finance Ministry impact the blockchain & crypto ecosystem - entrepreneurs, developers, investors? Perspectives from global eco system.
  • Four leading law firms of India will discuss the impact of the RBI notice on crypto currency exchanges: Ring-fencing regulated entities from virtual currencies
  • Technological innovations, including those underlying virtual currencies, have the potential to improve the efficiency and inclusiveness of the financial system. However, Virtual Currencies (VCs), also variously referred to as crypto currencies and crypto assets, raise concerns of consumer protection, market integrity and money laundering, among others.

  • Arun Prabhu - Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
  • Vaibhav Parikh - Nishith Desai Associates
  • Supratim Chakaraborty - Khaitan & Co
  • Krupesh Bhatt - Legal Desk
12:30 pm Lunch Break
13:30 pm Keynote by Arun Sharma
Can blockchain incentivise data sharing for self learning algorithms? Creating better human-machine ecosystems with the intersection of Blockchain
13:50 pm Keynote by Nick Szabo
  • Part 1 : Cryptocurrencies - Origins, evolution, and the future.
  • Part 2 : The Potential of smart contracts to redefine Legal, Banking and Capital Markets industries
14:40 pm Keynote by Arifa Khan
"The New IPO for the 20th Century - Disintermediating the role of investment banks & exchanges by smart contracts"
- Arifa Khan , CEO of Himalaya Capital Exchange
15:10 pm Keynote by Leanne Kemp
Blockchain for better Supply Chain Management & Fraud prevention
- Leanne Kemp , CEO of Everledger
15:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break
15:45 pm Panel Discussion on Decentralised Marketplaces
Peer to Peer, Decentralised Marketplaces & Consumer Applications of Blockchain
16:15 pm Keynote by Marc Pilkington

Peer to Peer, Decentralised Marketplaces & Consumer Applications of Blockchain
“Improving Corporate Governance Systems with Blockchain - Using Smart Contracts for Shareholder Voting”
- Marc Pilkington, Professor University of Burgundy, Chief Researcher - Himalaya Capital Exchange

Marc will shed light on the unforeseen potential of blockchain technology for enhanced corporate governance.

Blockchain could facilitate the organization of the annual general meeting with its threefold role of shareholder information, discussion venue, and strategic decision- making. Blockchain could re-incentivize the effective participation of small shareholders in the voting and decision-making process at the AGM. Blockchain can set out to disentangle the existing chains of corporate intermediaries, and improve the current remote voting system by ensuring transparency, cryptographic verification and identification. The blockchain revolution foreshadows a new governance paradigm, democracy 3.0, also called liquid democracy. India and Dubai constitute two notable e-governance pioneers in this respect.
16:40pm 5 Minute Keynote by Deependra Chumble

"The social impact of blockchain technology - how Himalaya Capital Exchange impacts entrepreneurs, SMEs and innovators everywhere"
Deepen has been Head of HR at several marquee banks and IT firms such as J P Morgan, Morgan Stanley, L&T Infotech etc and will speak on how every entrepreneur and SME can benefit from the new capital raising paradigm.
16:45pm Panel Discussion on Enterprise Applications of Blockchain

Enterprise applications – mainstream use of blockchain by global corporations and governments - Panelists from Banks, NSE, FIs, and Government.
17:15pm Panel Discussion on Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Tokens - Strategies for innovatorsbr>
  • Eddy Travia
  • Sandris Murins
  • Richard Muirhead
  • Hussein Kanji
6:00 pm Closing Remarks
Session ends

May 26 2018
Cryptocurrencies   ICO Summit
09:00 am
"An overview of the Cryptoverse - Cryptocurrencies, tokens and ICOs"
-Arifa khan
10:00 am
"Basic building blocks of Bitcoin, ethereum and other prominent blockchains, Demand - Supply analysis of cryptocurrency prices"
-Eddy Travia, Investor
11:00 am The science behind cryptocurrencies. What is the most robust cryptocurrency and why ? - Nick Szabo
11:45 am Networking Break
12:00 am
"An analysis of the token universe - The good, bad and the ugly"
-Sandris Murins
12:30 am The Pros and Cons of Crypto exchanges - An analysis of the various Indian and global exchanges
13:00 am Designing a token such that it is not classified a “security” token
13:30 pm Lunch Break
14:30 pm Best practices for Initial Coin Offerings
15:00 pm Security risks in crypto eco-system
15:30 pm
"Crypto investments: How to analyse and assess crypto assets - From an investor’s perspective"
-Eddy Travia, Investor
16:30 pm Legal and regulatory issues for ICOs - Amarchand & Khaitan & Co.
17:30 pm ICO Demo Pitches

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